Watch: Carrie Underwood and her mom share memories in touching ‘Mama’s Song’

09.27.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Dan Steinberg/AP

Art imitates real life in Carrie Underwood”s new video for “Mama”s Song.” The clip for the  tune, about a daughter getting married, features Underwood”s real-life mother going through photos of her baby growing up—up to the singer”s recent wedding.

Though the only appear together in one scene, Underwood reassures mama she”ll never lose her. “As you watch me walk down to my future/I hope tears of joy are in your eyes.”

It”s an incredibly sweet song and, undoubtedly, one that no parent will be able to watch without getting a tear in his or her eye, although part of us railed against the ’50s sentiment that a woman goes straight from being a daughter to a wife and that is the main achievement to be celebrated.

Underwood”s husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, appears in a cameo–mainly his chin and shoulder. All we can say is there”s going to be hell to pay if he doesn”t treat her right after this loving tribute to him. That would be a fascinating video to see.

Again, as we”ve commented before, in a relatively short period of time, the former “American Idol” champ (and her managers) have managed to perfectly present her as a sex pot, such as in her last single, “Undo It,”  and then alternate that with the good girl. Both sides of her are totally believeable.

Oh, and we”re sure the site of your daughter getting on a private plane, is probably enough to ease any parent”s worries. That”s a shot that may have been best to leave out if Underwood”s trying to make sure that her fans can relate to her.


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