Watch: Carrie Underwood gyrates in ‘Cowboy Casanova’ video

10.06.09 8 years ago

She seemed like such a nice girl when she was on “American Idol” a hundred years ago, but here’s Carrie Underwood in the video for “Cowboy Casanova” sporting  an outfit that’s a cross between something “Gunsmoke’s” saloon-proprietor Miss Kitty and Lady GaGa would wear.

We only see the “Cowboy Casanova” in question lurking in the shadows and he’s straight out of central casting for Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”; he  wouldn’t know the front end of the horse if it bit him on the ass.  (We still maintain the song’s intro rips off MJ’s “The Way She Makes Me Feel”). Bad casting on that end.

In fact, the whole video is a visual feast, but just seems off as after repeated viewings, we can’t figure out if it’s supposed to take place in a high-placed bordello or just what’s going on. Plus, Underwood looks stunning in a variety of scanty outfits (which is, of course, the only point that really matters here), but she seems very uncomfortable gyrating around as she strikes one awkward pose after another.

What do you think?

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