Watch: Carrie Underwood wants you to ‘Undo It’

05.07.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

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More so than almost any other female artist, Carrie Underwood manages to alternate between sassy and sweet with almost each video. On the heels of the sugary “Temporary Home,” she goes from girl-next door to every man”s dream with the sultry live clip for “Undo It.”

The video, which premiered on CMT on Friday, starts off in black and white before transforming into a performance clip. Underwood, who was a little charisma challenged during and immediately following her “American Idol” days has turned into a compelling live performer. She looks great, she sounds great and she manages to be sexy and classy at the same time, which isn”t as easy to pull off as it looks. She”s also able to wear dresses that are so short they threaten to accidentally show her lady business, but, as if by magic, they never do. Even when the camera is shooting from a downward angle. Shes a miracle.

The song is more of a rocker than a country tune. Think “Cowboy Casanova,” but harder and with more of an edge. Plus, it has a little stutter in it like Jamie Foxx”s “Blame it.” Maybe the two can duet together.

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