Watch: Ciara shows off her ‘goodies’ in new video for ‘Ride’

04.21.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Ciara wants you to know that she can “work it so good.”  But this isn”t empty rhetoric, she has the video to prove her mad sex skillz.  As she demonstrates in “Ride,” her goodies have special talents, she can pleasure her man in a variety of different ways-up and down or circles– and she”s not shy about letting him know. She will be the smoothest ride he”s ever had, she declares, perched up against a smooth automobile dressed only in a swimsuit made of the same amount of material as used in a seat belt and a fur coat (“What? There”s a car in the video?,” says the average red-blooded male. Yes, she”s so hot, it”s possible to miss out on the automobile.).

Ciara is in ungodly great shape, whether she”s humping the floor on her stomach and on her knees or as she poses up against the car nearly naked. Don”t get us started with her on the mechanical bull in the see-through white top. Cliches are us. But as s jealous as I am of her remarkable body, her abs and the fact that she has someone whisper “Ciara” at the beginning of her videos, lest we forget her name,  there”s also something depressing about the video. First off, it”s a bad song that even Ludacris”s appearance can”t improve (and what”s with his slowed down vocals?), so if this is the best she”s got from her forthcoming album, “Basic Instinct,” we could be in trouble.

Plus, Ciara started off as a fun, sexy singer. This is a crass, crude song that feels like she”s almost selling herself since people aren”t interested in her music anymore. Yes, “Love, Sex, Magic” was a bit hit, but it was the only hit off of last year”s “Fantasy Ride,” and, remember, it had Justin Timberlake on it. The other singles stiffed. Has she reached the stage where she feels like she has to resort to near soft-core porn to get people”s attention? If so, we salute her, because it works.

On the other hand, you can look at the video as a woman owning her sexuality and being damn proud of how she can satisfy her man and how smoking she looks. Plus, as my colleague Katie Hasty noted, her moves are so awesome, this video could be used as a work-out video. If we thought we could look like her by working out like that three times a week, we”d be first in line to buy it.

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