Watch: Cobra Starship throw girls into the back of their van in ‘Hot Mess’

11.09.09 8 years ago

We would have loved to see the audition process for this one:

“Are you a hot girl?”

“Can you act drunk?”

“Can you act drunk and still be hot at the same time?”

That particular demographic is the vodka-flavored center to Cobra Starship’s “Hot Mess,” which extols the many virtues of inebriated women. It’s a natural follow-up to the rock band’s last single “Good Girls Go Bad“:  Maybe it’s the same actresses. It’s like a sequel.

The premise of the clip has the worksuited group going around “exterminating” hot messes by throwing them into the back of their vehicle like ‘tang-seeking Ghostbusters. The implications are fascinating, as it’s not the BAND having their way with the ladies but the LADIES having their way with the men! This is a cinematic breakthrough, a new world order!

Just kidding, it’s disturbing. Please find a buddy to walk home with after a long night out, otherwise you might end up in the back of Cobra Starship’s van.

The “Hot Mess” video also offers similar product placement elements as All-American Rejects’ “I Wanna,” with the utilization of a particular mobile phone brand helping the narrative along. Also, wait for a cameo by the East Village’s late-night taco refuge San Loco.

The track — which has the same romping, thudding rock sound as “Good Girls” without the Leighton Meester — contains, too, the limitlessly idiotic lyric “I’m like, hot damn/ let me make you my boo.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

“Hot Mess” is the title track from the band’s third full-length, released this summer. Cobra Starship is on tour now through mid-December.

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