Watch: Coldplay’s stop animation music video for ‘Strawberry Swing’

07.20.09 8 years ago

It may not be our favorite track off of “Viva La Vida Vida Or Death And All His Friends,” but Coldplay’s new music video for “Strawberry Swing” if easily one of the best they’ve released.

The stop-motion clip was directed by British art collective Shynola, featuring Coldplay frontman Chris Martin as the super-hero lead. It was shot against a gigantic chalkboard, with the crew crafting a very clever world around him, putting him in handstands, walking down imaginary steps and fighting off an evil squirrel that has captured a damsel in distress.

“The drawing was incredibly laborious. By the end, the tips of my fingers were all numb and I had worn a weird dent into one finger. However, our discomfort was nothing compared to the uncomfortable poses we made Chris Martin hold for long tortuous minutes,” Shynola’s Jason Groves told Babelgum, the site which premiered the video. “He has pretty good core body strength — imagine having to stay straight as an arrow, balanced on a small skateboard at your waist… It was all pretty nerve-wracking.”

The format reminds us a bit, too, of Adele’s excellent video for “Chasing Pavements.” Dancing while laying on the ground is the new hotness.

There’s also the references to the French Revolutionary War, which tends to show up in all videos, press mats, etc. for “Viva La Vida,” and to “Little Nemo.” None too excited about the sound compression on this, however, but you can’t win ’em all.

Coldplay is currently on tour in the U.S. and will make an appearance at the All Points West music festival on Aug. 2.

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