Watch: Leona Lewis’ theme from ‘Avatar,’ ‘I See You’

12.15.09 8 years ago

Videos for songs featured in movies are a tricky thing. How do you highlight the artist performing the song and still plug the movie, since that”s the entire purpose of the clip?

As these types of clips usually are, the video for “I See You”  from “Avatar,” which debuted on Myspace Music today, is a complete hybrid of Leona Lewis” performance– that has nothing to do with the movie– interspersed with footage. (As hokey as it was, at least the video for “2012”s” “Time for Miracles” pretended to insert Adam Lambert into the action. To the video’s credit, the movie footage looks phenomenal and does a pretty good job of conveying the love story aspect of  the film, which is all it really needs to accomplish since this is a love song.
Lewis doesn”t have a lot to do other than stand there, lip sync (which she”s very good at) and look emotional without ever moving her feet—it”s as if she”s glued to the floor by James Cameron himself.  A hurricane could have blown threw and those feet weren”t about to stray. There are a few attempts to throw in some atmospheric shots of Pandora and a few winged creatures go by as Lewis warbles, but that”s about it.

We”re a little bummed that the video creators didn”t turn her into an Avatar– seems like a wasted opportunity to us-even if the Avatars do remind of us Smurfs. Do they have to be the exact same blue as Papa Smurf?

“I See You” was nominated for a Golden Globes Best Original Song award just this morning.

“I See You” (Theme from Avatar) by Leona Lewis in HD

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

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