Watch: Ingrid Michaelson’s new video for ‘Parachute’

10.18.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

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Want to see Ingrid Michaelson like you”re never seen her? Check out her new video here for “Parachute,” a song she co-penned and  former Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole had a huge hit with in the U.K. Now she”s recorded her own version as a stand-alone track.

Michaelson glams it up in a way we haven”t seen before, complete with Princess Leia braids and fake eyelashes out to there.  The video, directed by Adria Petty (yes, Tom”s daughter) follows Michaelson, who rockets into space to a planet that looks like a big orange.

Our main complaint? The outer space footage is way too dark. If she has the ability  to rocket into space, couldn”t she at least take a flashlight?   Somehow she ends up in the belly of the planet, wrapped up in the deep roots of the one plant growing on a planet.  The plant thrives, as we hope the relationship does. It”s one of those videos that has nothing to do with the song, but it”s fun to try to decipher what the heck is going on. Kind of like Goldfrapp”s “Rocket…” except, oh yeah, Allison Goldfrapp is on a rocket on that one. But as Michaelson sings here, she doesn”t need a parachute.

Michaelson”s version of the song is spunkier and more fun than Cole”s, plus she has a better voice than Cole. Cole”s big advantage in the video is she has “Dancing with the Stars”” Derek Hough in her video (the two were romantically linked at the time).

Below is Cole”s video and we”ll embed Michaelson”s as soon as Entertainment Weekly lets us. Which one do you like better? 


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