Watch: Jack White-directed video for Dead Weather’s ‘Buffalo’

10.02.09 8 years ago

Jack White recenty made time to put down the guitar and pick up a camera, as he shot the music video for his band Dead Weather’s track “I Cut Like a Buffalo.”

The song is one of the better off of the group’s “Horehound,” released in July, but it’s also one of the more Jack-centric, erm, cuts, as his co-lead Alison Mosshart (also of Kills fame) can hardly be heard.

But the music video is not without female presence. White dances and weirdly writhes around a slew of redhead-wigged women, who produce many talents such as belly dancing, hoola-hooping and carrying a stuffed buffalo head like it was a coffin. There’s brilliant flashes of color; it’s campy, mysterious and nonsensical; we think Tarantino would like it. Also, nice hat, Slash.

A voiceover from some unknown actor at the beginning informs us that cutting like a buffalo means your dead. Unless the whole rest of the song is in code, too, this makes no sense. If the song was in code, it’d make no sense. Thus, there is no sense to be made of “I Cut Like a Buffalo”; continue to rock.

Dead Weather just kicked off another leg of an international tour, with a stop off tonight in Atlanta, a show at the Austin City Limits music festival on Sunday and overseas dates starting Oct. 19. Check the website for all dates.

White has been busy with other cinematic endeavors, in the form of two documentaries: he just starred alongside of Jimmy Page and the Edge in “It Might Get Loud,” and he helped debut the new White Stripes travelogue “The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights” at the Toronto Film Festival last month.

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