Watch: Justin Timberlake, Timbaland in ‘Carry Out’

02.19.10 8 years ago

Timbaland and his featured guest vocalist Justin Timberlake on “Carry Out” have gone above and beyond in their meticulous homage to an oft-forgotten and underappreciated peoples in the workforce: the women of the food services industry.

Rapping before lit neon signs indicating “Drive-Thru” and “Hot Cakes,” these brave men, feminists, have finally allowed the women who bake said cakes to eat them too. You can practically see the thankful relish these beautiful, devoted worksmiths take in the consumption of their own goods, the pride they must take in keeping their bodies in ever-ready poise to partake in such delicacies.

Ignore that the rhymes dally in endless, tired metaphor, resulting in an almost non-song structure with little dynamic; or that Justin Timberlake’s ever-expanding talent withers in a nursery-rhyme loop that withers the seriousness of this moving tribute. It is this sweet collection of chefs, stewardesses, hostesses and servers that keep the world’s “Carry Out” available and open all day and night.

They are the writers of their own — as Timbaland calls them — “recipes,” fate. They take orders because their desserts are so delicious. These women — three, if Timberlake’s accounting is correct — are the main course, the main event, their supporters are but thankful side-men.

Also, Timbaland looks like he’s having 100x more fun than he did when he was with Katy Perry.

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