Watch: Kanye West in a new short film by Spike Jonze

10.19.09 8 years ago

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Okay, now this is just weird.

I remember when we got word that Spike Jonze was directing a short film starring Kanye West.  Spike said repeatedly that it is not a music video, and it turns out, he’s serious… it’s not a music video.  Since I’m not a huge fan of Kanye’s music, I’m not even sure if the one song you hear is a new one or not.

The weird part, though, is that this was all shot well before the Taylor Swift incident that turned Kanye into a target for all sorts of outrage, and yet if you’d told me that this short film was a direct reaction to that incident, I would believe you.  It feels that directly connected.

So now here we are… it’s the Monday morning after Spike’s film finally opened, capping off a five year journey to get this thing onscreen.  And Kanye’s still trying to recover some sort of public standing after making himself look like a drunken ass who picked on a little girl on the best night of her life.  And although this film actually premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival earlier this year, and there have been images from it online already, but this is the first time I’ve seen the entire thing available, and it’s fascinating.  Kanye absolutely plays a miserable, drunken, egotistical version of himself, so obnoxious that no one can even maintain eye contact with him.

And after he heads into that bathroom, well… let’s just say it is obvious that this is not just a simple music video.

So here we go… as Kanye West has to deal with what I can only interpret as his own Ego…

Best use of flower petals since Mena Suvari used them to hypnotize Kevin Spacey.

So now it’s your turn… what’s your take on this?  Is Kanye trying to fix this part of himself that acts the fool in public?  Is Spike Jonze really into cute but fierce fuzzy things?  Did Kanye see his public meltdown coming, or could he just be putting it all on as a character? 

No matter what your take on it, it’s a fascinating short, and a nice addition to the long list of amazing videos Spike Jonze has created in the past.

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