Watch: Kristen Stewart plays a runaway teen in ‘Welcome to the Rileys’

10.14.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

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Kristen Stewart seems to be the go-to girl when you need a shy teenage girl. Her portrayal of Bella in the Twilight Saga movies have cemented her as the nervous, lip biting teen, forever conflicted about loving cutest undead guy in the world.

In a slight departure, “Welcome To the Rileys” stars Stewart as Mallory, a slightly tougher streetsmart girl who is befriended by Doug Riley, played by James Gandolfini. Doug is a traveling businessman who’s marriage has been in jeopardy since the death of his teenaged daughter. Doug and his wife eventually form a parental bond with Mallory, although she may not be quite on the same page as them. The film is directed by Jake Scott.

The clips below each show Mallory’s interaction with each of the Rileys. Do you think this is a new direction for Stewart or more of the same?

Welcome To The Rileys” opens in theaters October 29th

Mallory and Lois



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