Watch: Lady Antebellum’s new clip for ‘American Honey’

02.19.10 8 years ago

We”re not sure it we”re watching the new clip for Lady Antebellum”s  latest single “American Honey” or a Tide commercial, but we do know we feel as fresh and clean as a mountain spring afterward regardless.

The tune, about an All-American girl-and American Honey, get it?-longs for an earlier time when life was simple. It”s not like she”s going back to the 1920, despite the picking and grinning on the front porch, the dirt roads and laundry drying on the line. No, she”s yearning to return to when she was seven or eight, circa 1995… Back to an idealized childhood where you could ride your bike without fear of getting snatched and there wasn”t a Starbucks on every corner.

The trio”s Hillary Scott does the heavy lifting (and lying in the grass here-maybe it is a detergent commercial, since she probably worked up some good grass stains…) here since she”s singing lead. The song, the second single from Lady A”s new album, “Need You Now,” recalls Deana Carter”s “Strawberry Wine,” in that it is a largely acoustic tune about a simpler time (although we don”t think anyone loses their virginity in this song-there are just some meaningful looks).

The video debuted on Oprah Winfrey”s website today in conjunction with the band”s appearance on the show. She won”t let us embed it yet, but here”s the link to stream it.

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