Watch: Lady Gaga unveils new song ‘Living on the Radio’ on the road

08.31.10 7 years ago

AP Photo

Nothing says soul like a black bra and panties… if you”re Lady GaGa, that is. Sitting clad in next to nothing at her black grand piano (at least she matches her undies to her surroundings), she unveiled a beautiful new ballad, “Living on the Radio,” concluding the song with “I hope you like that. It came straight from my soul to you.”

Her surpremeness debuted the raw tune about life on the road at earlier this week in St. Paul, Minn. and a concertgoer captured it all on video (with remarkably clear audio.)

“I”m living on the radio, that”s my dream,” GaGa sings, in the tender, vulnerable tune about the loneliness of being on the road that”s partly about the glory of fame, but also about the emptiness (as she ironically sings, “because you sure would miss the caviar…”).

It”s the second piano ballad she”s revealed on the road, following “You and I,” and her buddy Elton John”s influence is definitely showing. We”re liking this revealing (literally and figuratively) side of GaGa.

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