Watch: Matthew McConaughey stars in Jamey Johnson’s ‘Playing the Part’ video

10.22.10 7 years ago

Ever have the overwhelming urge to see Matthew McConaughey in a gorilla suit? Well, here”s your chance. On the video for Jamey Johnson”s “Playing the Part,” McConaughey hides his pretty, pretty package in a chimp suit as he strolls through Venice and Hollywood dejected and worn down by the L.A. grind. He even seeks solace at King Kong”s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Things, however, turn much brighter when he saunters (or saunters as much as a gorilla can), into some downtown honky tonk where Johnson is playing. Johnson is so laid back here it”s a damn miracle he”s upright.

McConaughey”s director”s cut premiered on Vevo today and it has much that will undoubtedly be cut out of the real version including a pointless opening with a sleazy boss having phone sex until he”s distracted by the poor schlub he”s hired to put on the gorilla suit and spin a sign outside of his hubcap establishment. It explains why McConaughey is in a gorilla suit, but can definitely be edited.  Otherwise, the video is a fun look at sites many of us who live here with a very familiar with, including the characters who inhabit Venice Beach and Hollywood Blvd.

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