Watch: Nicki Minaj gets steamed in ‘Right Through Me’ vid, adds Eminem to debut

10.29.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

I love me some Nicki Minaj, but the wait for her debut “Pink Friday” to finally drop is starting to get too much to bear. Particularly after getting declared the No. 6 “Hottest MC” without a full-length set to her name, it’s time to flip the cards and show us what she’s got.

Thankfully, the Young Money star is doing so in rapid fashion, debuting two new music videos this week. The newest, “Right Thru Me,” features a more downbeat, less-bonkers version of Minaj — Queens Barbie, really — in a bikini, no less.

Minaj sings through steam — and as she’s steamed — at and about her lover, who infuriates her yet calls her on her “sh*t” (or her “ish” if you’re hearing the clean version). I feel the conflict, even though the intro to the clip is kind of a bummer: she verbally lays into her lover, smashes a glass, he threatens to leave, she 180s, whimpering. He won’t be winning an Oscar any time soon, but he looks good in the water.

The repeating refrain “how do you do that sh*t” gets a bit like nails on the chalkboard, calmed by the addictive, sweeping lyrics of the title. It’s legions better than the vehicle “Check It Out,” and it brings Minaj’s personality back down to earth, if even temporarily.

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The clips arrival marks about the same time, too, that Minaj is able to confirm a bit of big news: Eminem will be guesting on “Pink Friday,” on a track called “Roman’s Revenge.”

Minaj told MTV that, after Slim Shady rejected one prospective beat, he asked for another one that was a little more “me.” The two re-wrote and have it ready to rock for the Nov. 22 release.

As previously reported, Em will also be on Rihanna’s November set “Loud,” on the sequel to their previous smash together: “Love the Way You Lie (Part II).”

Do you like the clip? Or the song?

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