Watch: Rob Thomas has a ‘Meltdown’

07.17.09 8 years ago

We always appreciate somebody turning an internet tome on its head. The new music video for Rob Thomas’ “Give Me The Meltdown” does just that.

Compiling seemingly authentic YouTube video of people losing their proverbial s***, the clips are funny in some ways, sad in others.

Then, mysterious forcres like spaceships and wizards show up and zap the juvenile offenders into happy, dancing submission.

The song ain’t so bad either, though not as hard-rocking as tossing a full automobile skyward.

In a sidenote, the clip was sent to us declaring it a “viral video.” We wouldn’t mind a wizard zapping the term “viral” disappear from all internet vernacular. It just doesn’t mean anything anymore, y’know?

As we already told you, the matchbox twenty frontman is going on tour in support of “Cradlesong” throughout the summer and fall, with OneRepublic, no less! Remember them!?

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