Watch: Sade even makes washing dishes hot in ‘Babyfather’ video

05.04.10 7 years ago

It”s Sade like we rarely see her. In the Sophie Mueller-directed video for “Babyfather,” the second single from “Soldier of Love,”  instead of the usual hair-slicked back, cool, reserved Sade, we get a Sade reveling in domestic bliss. And we mean, reveling. She”s doing laundry and making jello for goodness”s sake. We practically expect Bill Cosby to show up.

Furthermore, her hair is down and flowing and she”s showing more cleavage than we”ve ever seen her display before. She”s awash in island colors in the clip that slopes along to a lilting Caribbean beat.

Why is she playing Suzy Homemaker? Because she”s reminiscing about her Baby Daddy and the “flower” that they made together. Said flower plays in a back lot with his friends, while Sade joyfully goes about cooking and cleaning and looking better than the law should allow while doing it.

She does have some sense of propriety though, as she puts on a jacket before heading out to distribute her goodies-we mean the jello here-to the kiddies from a vending truck.

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