Watch: Sarah McLachlan loves life and bubbles in ‘Loving You is Easy’ video

06.10.10 7 years ago

Evan Agostini/AP

Sarah McLachlan is feeling good and it shows.  In her new video for “Loving You is Easy,”  her breeziest song, maybe, ever, she struts her stuff. Her new man has her feeling sexy and sultry.

To her and director Liz Friedlander”s credit,  there”s no literal interpretation of the lyrics: we don”t see McLachlan burst into flames when she sings she”s “on fire” or leap into the air when she rhapsodizes about his love taking her “higher.” It”s just McLachlan in an array of slinky, but not inappropriate, clothes,  bubbles (nothing says “sexy time” like bubbles in the air) and confetti. At one point, she”s cheesily joined by two dancers whose pas de deux replicates sex, I guess.   She”s definitely feeling R rated, but the video is a G. We”ve seen more cleavage  on the Disney Channel, but that”s not a complaint.  The point of the video, which debuted on Huffington Post, is about how her guy”s love makes her feel and it”s clearly delicious.

“Loving You is Easy” is the first single from “Laws of Illusion,” McLachlan”s first studio album in eight years. “Laws” is out June 15.


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