Watch: Taio Cruz drops it like it’s hot in ‘Dynamite’ video

07.19.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

In this tough economy, it”s really important for a woman to have marketable skills. That”s why we felt such sisterly pride in our fellow females as we watched the video for Taio Cruz”s summer anthem “Dynamite,” his follow up to the No. 1 smash, “Break Your Heart.”

Dressed in cut-offs and low-cut shirts and in unitards, they are working in a garage, clearly earning an honest day”s pay, before Cruz rides in and rescues them from such drudgery. You can tell they”re professionals because they remember to wear hard hats.

Soon enough, they”re throwing their hands up in the air getting ready to light up a club like it”s dynamite. However, we”re not sure that Cruz knows these ladies are packing and are taking his suggestion about explosives quite literally.

But party they do-if by pouting and posing-you mean partying. Maybe they look like such sourpusses at times because there a seemingly endless number of ladies, but Cruz is the only dude in sight. Hey, it”s his party, his rules.

Therefore  the girls frolic in a bubble bath and drink champagne, and get all nice and clean before the dynamite detonates in a very controlled fireball that only adds excitement to the party. As darkness falls and a sea of girls gyrate to “Dynamite,” a hailstorm of fireworks goes off. Cruz is so cool,  he never even removes his shades. It”s good to be king.

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