Watch: The legendary Betty White chats about ‘The Proposal’ and Bea Arthur

06.16.09 8 years ago


This writer has had the opportunity and privilege to sit down and interview some of the biggest stars in the world.   Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Beyonce, Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Daniel Craig, just to name a few.  Out of all those talks, only two individuals intimidated the hell out of me: Madonna and…Betty White.

Yes, the legendary star of “The Golden Girls” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” is still going strong at 87.  In fact, speaking to her at the end of a full day of TV interviews, she was energetic and showing no signs of slowing down (an embarrassing fact for some twentysomething actors who complain after only a few hours of sit downs). 

White is back in the spotlight with “The Proposal,” a very funny romantic comedy featuring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds where she plays an extremely liberal grandmother hoping her grandson (Reynolds) won’t be the end of the family tree.  I asked White about working with the two stars, but also asked her to share her fondest memory of recently departed friend and “Girls” co-star Bea Arthur.  It’s well worth watching for that moment alone.

On a completely different note, also check out this faux behind-the-scenes piece featuring all three “Proposal” stars.  It will show you a side of White you’ve never seen before.

Look for interviews with Bullock and Reynolds over the next two days.  “The Proposal” opens nationwide on Friday.

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