Watch: The original Tron discusses the new ‘TRON’

12.16.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Bruce Boxleitner is, of course, Tron.

And as much as I’m glad they’ve got Jeff Bridges back for the new film, I think it’s equally important to a “TRON” film that you bring Tron back and deal with both him and with Alan, his user-equivalent in the real world.

One of the most compelling ideas in the original “TRON” was the relationship between Users and the Programs that they write.  The notion that your personality was embedded deep in the work you did is an honest reflection of the relationship that programmers have with their work, or that artists have with theirs, or that anyone who creates something has with the thing that they create.  I miss that in the new movie.  I think they’ve lost that particular dynamic because of the ways they refigured the world of the Grid.  That’s fine… that’s a choice they’re free to make.  I just think the original movie did a better job of reflecting the ideas that obviously mattered to Lisberger when he created the project.

Sitting down with James Frain and Bruce Boxleitner was an opportunity to speak to both a pure Program and one of the guys who ties the entire franchise together.  Frain plays Jarvis, a sort of manservant henchman for Clu, the digital bully version of Jeff Bridges.  He’s a weirdo, too, which certainly makes him stand out in the film.

Boxleitner is one of those guys who I always felt should have been bigger than he was, more frequently used.  He’s got a great voice, and he’s one of those guys who always commits, even to the totally outrageous.  I enjoyed chatting with him about the film, and I hope we avoided any major spoilers about his work in the movie while still getting to some interesting answers in our short time together.  I was most amazed by the fact that he looks like he doesn’t need any digital help at all to look young.  Time has been kind to him, to say the least.

“TRON: Legacy” is poised to open on one out of every four screens on the planet any minute now.  And in IMAX.  (WARNING: That number is totally wrong.) (But seriously, this thing’s going to be everywhere.)

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