Watch: Thom Yorke debuts new solo material at tour kickoff

04.07.10 8 years ago

Thom Yorke and his band Atoms For Peace kicked off their U.S. solo trek over the last two nights in New York, and the Radiohead frontman brought with him some new material to mull.

“A Walk Down the Staircase,” below, is a mopey, falsetto number on just guitar in this instance, but if the British singer plans on revamping it for an album like “The Eraser,” expect, perhaps, in the future some glitchy rhythmic thumps and ethereal atmospherics. It’s a darker tune than Yorke’s unusually smiley attitude insinuates, which he addresses in the clip. “I’ll stop when it gets boring…”

He also returned to the piano for a new song “Daily Mail,” which we already alerted you to.

The supergroup of a band does a knock-up job revisiting “The Eraser,” and letting Yorke take the spotlight, though Flea’s blue hair and his standing-in-place dance moves are an eyeful on their own.

Click here for Atoms of Peace tour dates. Next show is tomorrow, April 8, in Boston.

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