Watch: Whitney’s video for ‘I Look To You’

09.10.09 8 years ago

Although most radio stations have already moved on to “Million Dollar Bill,” Arista has just released a video for “I Look to You,” the first single and title track to Whitney Houston’s new album.

Deceptive in its simplicity (meaning we bet it cost a few hundred thousand dollars), the video  features Houston singing against a plain backdrop. The bucks come in the gorgeous photography and the photo shopping. Houston, dressed in a flowing, silk white gown, looks positively angelic, which is appropriate, given one possible interpretation of the song is that she’s singing about God.

Her make up and hair are impeccable. She moves from a chair to standing, but not until a heavenly spotlight shines down on her when as sings “I look to you.” Ooh… special effects!

In another near literal interpretation, when Houston sings “my walls have come crumbling down on me/the rain is falling,”   petals begin falling, softly as snowflakes.  It’s a beautiful cinematic effort that puts the focus exclusively on Houston. It’s too slow paced and there’s not enough action for the ADD-addled MTV set, but Houston’s main audience long ago aged out of MTV onto VH1 anyway. Nicely done.

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