Why do Gary Oldman and Bono hate ‘The Perfect Sleep’?

03.15.09 8 years ago 6 Comments

The first time I saw “The Perfect Sleep,” it was just Gary Oldman and I sitting together to watch it.  I knew his reaction to the film was terse and perhaps even abrupt, but I had no idea he and Bono and Bas Rutten all felt this strongly about it:

Now, come on… to be fair… “The Perfect Sleep” is a lovely update of the style of film noir, as filtered through a jet black sense of humor and a martial arts junkie’s wet dreams.  And Jeremy Alter?  The director of the film?  Not just a good guy but also one the sharpest and most together guys I know in the business.  Maybe he did something terrible to Gary Oldman.  Whateve the truth, he’s not helping the film by posting this…

… or is he?

We’ll know by Monday.

Here’s wishing the director and the star/writer luck with the film, because I’d love hear Gary Oldman’s head explode from 10-15 miles away. 

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