Zack Snyder will direct ‘Superman’ back to the bigscreen

10.04.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

Jae C. Hong/AP

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a better choice Warner Bros. could have made.

For the last year, we’ve been hearing rumors about what plans Warner Bros. has for Superman, arguably the most famous superhero character of all time.  The first concrete information we had was that David Goyer, Jonathan Nolan, and Christopher Nolan had figured out a way to bring the character back to the bigscreen that they would be producing and writing.  There were rumors about Jonathan Nolan directing the film, rumors about David Goyer directing the film, and then a whole bunch of recent rumors about a whole bunch of names who might direct the film.

In the end, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have decided to go with a filmmaker who is already family, and who seems to me to be the absolutely dead-on bull’s-eye perfect choice for the job:  Zack Snyder.

As much as any of the superhero films out there, Superman is a character who plays as pure modern mythology, and he should be painted in big epic strokes.  Snyder’s got an undeniable way with an image, and his obsessions with flight and slow-motion and the depiction of the clash of power all feed directly into the idea of bringing a new version of Superman to life, while still honoring everything that makes the character an icon.

The story was broken in very brusque manner by Michael Fleming, who I assume knew that the story was about to break and wanted to make sure he got his scoop up.  I’m curious to see if we hear in the days ahead about what won Snyder the job.  Aside from common sense, that is.

With DC Comics and Warner Bros. working more closely than ever right now on films like “Green Lantern,” “The Flash,” and the third “Batman” film, and with “Wonder Woman” possibly heading to the small screen with David E. Kelly in charge, it’s time for the studio to put up or shut up and prove that they know what they’re doing with a property that has, in my opinion, had them stumped since the summer of 1981.

And with Snyder at the helm, for the first time in a long time, I’m prepared to believe that a man once again can fly.

We’ll have more as the story develops.

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