The Best Health Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

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best health documentaries on netflix right now

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Last Updated: June 1st

It’s not easy for a many of us to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Several factors can stand in the way — ill-conceived perceptions of food and exercise, emotional well-being, and economic barriers are only the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why it’s so important to eat well and move our bodies.

The below list of Netflix offerings are here to give us all that extra push in the right direction, help us to better understand the food that’s going into our bodies, and teach us how best to burn that energy in a positive way. So here are the best health documentaries on Netflix right now.

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Hungry For Change (2012)

There are a lot of diets out there fighting for your hard-earned dollars. A lot of them are straight up scams. Hungry For Change looks at both sides of the health and diet coin and asks how we got to a place where our government looks the other way at a food economy that’s killing us and a dieting industry that’s more concerned with shedding us of our money rather than excess weight.

It’s as frustrating as it’s eye-opening — especially if you’re thinking of paying for that “sure thing” diet in the near future.

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