That Harambe Hologram At Music Festivals Thing Was A Complete Hoax

Cincinnati Zoo on Twitter

UPDATE: Apparently, Harambe’s memory will be left alone. Mass Appeal reached out to Day For Night and the festival has now revealed that the hologram installation was a self-created hoax. Upon contacting them, the music fest’s organizers stated “it was a joke” and immediately removed all mentions of the gorilla from their site, as to avoid any further confusion. Surely, the internet will take this well.

You would think Harambe jokes would have died off by now. It has been four months since the gorilla got shot at the Cincinnati Zoo, but the memes and lazy attempts at humor have not ceased. It’s something that you’d assume most people should be bored with by now. How much humor is there in a gorilla being shot? Very little, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from squeezing as much blood from that stone as possible. Harambe memes have not only been thriving on the internet, but also have been very popular at music festivals, too, but now that’s being taken to the next level. There will be a Harambe hologram at an upcoming musical festival.

Day for Night Festival in Houston, Texas, which trumpets its “immersive art installations” alongside its musical performances, will have a Harambe hologram performing as part of the event. The offshoot of the already successful Free Press Music Festival will include the likes of Travis Scott, Liars, Blood Orange, famed director John Carpenter, Run The Jewels, S U R V I V E (from Stranger Things), Jesus and Mary Chain, and Aphex Twin’s first show in the United States since 2008.

So it sounds like a pretty cool festival merged with a cool art experience and a very stupid Harambe hologram. The real crazy thing is that Day for Night isn’t until December. Is there any way Harambe memes will still be popular, or even relevant, by then? Can the Harambe jokesters keep it going for another three months? If so, it may just be the most durable meme of all-time.

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