Watch Justin Bieber Enter Manhood With A Face Full Of Hennessy

10.01.15 2 years ago 14 Comments

If you’re wondering where the North American Hennessy drought of 2015 started, look no further than the tsunami splash originating in New Zealand. When a big fish like Bieber makes waves, the impact is felt all over the world and unless you stocked up before his recent cameo at a Rae Sremmurd concert overseas, you may be without that brown liquor for a while.

In an attempt to show he has grown up, decided to make better choices or maybe just prove he can turn up with the “No Type” folks, Justin Bieber figured he would gulp the Henny onstage in front of a captivated crowd. What happens next is nothing short of comedic gold.

0:02 – Slim Jxmmi is elated that a mega popstar like Justin has joined him on stage and hands him a bottle of Henny to celebrate.

0:04 – After turning the bottle upside down with his lips wrapped around the spout, Mr. Bieber looks defiantly at the sky, as if to say “You are a grown man, not a fish. You can do this.” Somewhere off-stage, Scooter Braun is finagling another tech deal instead of giving Justin the Dikembe Mutumbo finger.

0:06 – Justin looks at the crowd with a thought bubble over his head reading, “Holy shit, I never realized this stuff didn’t taste like Barq’s. Do you guys really drink this sh*t every night?” The other Sremmurd Swae Lee is also seen hysterically hopping around and laughing at JB’s misfortune.

0:07 – In a brilliant display of strategy, the Biebs turns towards the DJ booth in an attempt to hide the burning sensation that has ripped through his esophagus and is headed straight for his liver.

0:09 – Nope, that didn’t work. Turning back to the crowd, the now doe-eyed singer looks like he just caught a James Toney uppercut with his incisors. Unaware of who or where he is, Bieber does the only thing that makes sense and starts to shake the Hennessy bottle up, hoping it will spray like champagne until the bottle is empty, thereby alleviating his responsibility to finish it himself.

0:14 – Still no luck. The bottle is mostly full, but thankfully Justin seems to have landed back on planet earth. Sadly, he realizes he is still in New Zealand.

0:17 – Thank goodness, one of these dreadlocked maniacs has offered to take the bottle from the drunken teenager.

0:22 – In what appears to be a new version of Atlanta’s increasingly popular Dab dance, JB sways from side to side while scanning the room for an exit.

All in all, nobody likes to see a good bottle of booze go to waste. If this was The Breakfast Club, Bieber would earn Charlamagne’s “Donkey of the Day” but, thankfully, we at TSS have a bit more respect than that. Instead, we will immortalize young Justin forever for his heroic efforts. Every time your friends go green from that shatter, wrap themselves around a toilet at the end of an epic night or need an epinephrine needle through their heart to find their footing again, let them know they just Bieber’ed themselves.

More footage from the night that was with what looks like weed being passed around, more stage antics and performing. Looks lit.

(Via Twitter, Rap-Up)

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