Bonkaz Shows Kanye And Wiz How Rappers Solve Their Problems In ‘One Take’

01.31.16 2 years ago 4 Comments

Nothing like a little friendly beef to promote a new project, right Kanye? Thursday night got heated on Twitter as London MC Tobz professed that only a few elite have him holding his toast shaky, and Bonkaz was unfortunately not one of them.

With #MixtapeOfTheYear dropping Sunday the 31st, Bonkaz finished his hysterical laughing and hit the British Twitter-Fingers up with a challenge. Pick any joint and have your bars ready for the next night. After Stormzy tore up Dillian Whyte in “One Take”, it didn’t take long before we finally get a rapper clash over the scorching RudeKid x Ghetts tune.

Sure enough, Bonkaz was sitting around at 10pm, sipping merlot with his record ready to go and Tobz was nowhere to be found. However, It didn’t take much longer before a tag-team record surfaced from Tobz and his homey Blittz.

“I ain’t the one to make fun of
Best MC’s in the game I’m one of
I’m the kind of man that will run a man down,
you’re the kind of man that will run off
Man can’t walk through my ends on a hype ting
Who do you think that’s because of…
…All it really takes is a little bit of game
and a little fame for me to finesse your girl
Come to your trap, you’ll be giving me the P’s
F**k kicking down the door, I’ma press your bell”

With a maniacal double and triple-time flow, Bonkaz lit up the Internets, trending on Twitter and sending smoke streaming from the Soundcloud servers. Even though they sent shots, all the artists involved showed the kind of sportsmanship a few other certain rappers could learn from and slid in a plug for the upcoming project.

The night wasn’t even close to over yet for Bonkaz as he hit the stage at London’s Fabric nightclub with Chase and Status to slamdance til the fire trucks came. Fuego.

Who do y’all think took it?

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