Listen To Boogie’s Newly Released Track ‘Man Down’ From ‘Thirst 48 Pt. 2’

07.06.16 1 year ago

The last time listeners heard from Boogie, he was serving lyrical slaughter on “Out My Way (Bitter Raps 2)” and “Catching Feelings” with Tink. He’s been quiet since, presumably in the lab working on songs for his forthcoming project Thirst 48 Pt. 2. Today, Boogie is back with the Keyel and Amarie Johnson produced “Man Down.” Boogie keeps the lyrics sharp with an aggressive flow as he glides over a dark beat and haunting voice-over.

“Ride on em, put the fire on em (that’s dark)
I tried to shed some light on em
I done walk through yo aisle, I see mold on yo tire
I see leaks in yo truth and I see holes in yo smile
I done peeped through yo drive, I done looked through yo file
Please won’t you take that ‘boogey-man’ from out yo bio?”

There’s plenty to like on this track and given his previous songs, his forthcoming mixtape sounds like one to keep an eye on. His next project, Thirst 48 Pt. 2, is scheduled for an August 2016 release.

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