DJ Drama Explains Why The Drake-Meek Mill Beef Really Started

07.12.16 1 year ago 5 Comments

Meek Mill going after Drake was a bold move last summer. It’s one that will be remembered and forever linked to their careers. We all assumed that Meek’s reasoning was that Drake doesn’t write his own material, but what if there’s a deeper issue? As it turns out, there may have actually been a separate issue that set Meek off.

DJ Drama sat down with Hot 97 and revealed that Meek thought Drake was dissing him.

“I’m going to say this and we’ll put it to rest,” Drama begins around the 6:20 mark. “My involvement in the situation was the fact that [Meek] thought he was getting dissed with the line ‘to me the girl of your dreams is really not a challenge.’ I said, ‘Bro, he’s not dissing you.’ Those weren’t technically [Drake’s] bars. Go ask Flex where he got the records from. He didn’t get them from me.”

So, Meek Mill believed that Drake’s totally-ghost-written “R.I.C.O.” line was aimed at him and his relationship with Nicki Minaj? It sounds like insecurity got the best of Meek, but at the same time it exposed Drake. Would Meek have gone after Drake without that leverage? Who’s to say. It did give Meek the upper hand until he fumbled with releasing a diss record.

There are still some holes in the entire Meek vs. Drake story. Who gave Flex and Meek those references if it wasn’t Drama? Is Drama even telling the truth? Those rumors ran rampant last fall and had even more evidence to back it up, like Drake referencing Summer Walker on WATTBA as a slight to Dram.

With the beef already a year-old, it’s time to put it behind us and move on. Meek Mill is getting ready to release his biggest project of his career with DC4, and Drake continues to coast off the success of Views. They’re moving in two different directions. Maybe they’ll reunite one day, but for now we should appreciate what each of them bring to the rap game.

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