Joe Budden Goes Back-To-Back And Releases Another Drake Diss Titled ‘Wake’

07.06.16 1 year ago 36 Comments

“Don’t send a text, I don’t care y’all mad
Sh*t, I waited 5 days n**** where y’all at?
For real, I’m calling Stunna
Cause all summer 16, ain’t heard a hot 16 ’bout all summer
Awareness is high, say attention I’m seeking
Since I’m reaching, it’s offensive they’re convinced I’m a demon”

When Drake spit, “I gave y’all four days, n****, where y’all at,” I don’t think he ever anticipated for another rapper to turn it against him. Once the person who did the mocking, Drake becomes the one mocked as Joe Budden gave him four days to respond since “Making A Murderer (Pt. 1).” OVO sound Radio came and went without a whisper of Joey’s name, so he’s returned with “Wake.” The cover even replaces Joe Carter’s victory run on “Back to Back” with Jose Bautista getting rocked in the jaw.

In addition to the song, Joe has been extra aggressive on Twitter. He writes about how everybody took shots when he was being a podcaster, but now they silent since he’s rapping. “I’ll be on part 10 by the time the French record drops,” Joe tweeted.

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