LG Reports Live From Baton Rouge With His ‘Food For Thought’ Video

07.12.16 1 year ago

Recent events involving police violence have caused rappers to pause their usual agenda and gear their songs to have stronger meanings than the norm. Everyone from Jay Z to Boogie voicing their frustrations with a broken system that leaves black males dead at the hands of cops, who eventually walk away without punishment. Now, Louisiana’s LG adds his take in his new video, “Food for Thought.”

The clip is filmed in front of the Baton Rouge store where Alton Sterling died, adding more weight to LG’s words as he offers a passionate plea for listeners to wake up and stand up for their rights and what’s right. “It’s time to start fightin’ back for what we believe in, if we don’t accomplish that then what we achieving?” he rhymes. The short verse says so much in a small space and LG packs it with enough takeaways to make sure that listeners have thoughts to chew on well after the track ends.

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