Red Pill And P.O.S. Reject Your Materialistic ‘Ambition’

07.06.16 1 year ago

Mello Music Group

After dropping Everything in Between as part of Ugly Heroes just last month, Detroit rapper Red Pill readies the release of his latest solo album, Instinctive Drowning, with a new track, “F*ck Your Ambition.”

Featuring eerie, atmospheric production by Ill Poetic and a guest verse from P.O.S. of the Doomtree collective, the song rejects materialistic dreams and examines society’s concept of “winners” as Red Pill declares he’d rather be a loser and a sinner.

“They work so hard so they go so far
But so far who’s really done that?
I think about ambition
Does the horse draw the carriage
Or the hanging of the carrot?
Cuz this world is something else
They expect me to love their wealth
But I still can’t love myself
So find another lie to tell”

“The privileged and advantaged can’t help but shove their ‘hard-work’ and ‘can-do attitude’ in our faces, masquerading their lottery style births as some kind of ambition that the rest of us don’t have,” Red Pill told Exclaim! in an interview. “‘Fuck Your Ambition.’ We don’t love it and don’t believe it.”

Instinctive Drowning is due for release on August 26 on Mello Music Group. Pre-order it on Bandcamp and iTunes.

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