Snoop Dogg Has A Priceless Reaction After Finding Out How Hot Dogs Are Made

07.29.16 1 year ago 4 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel brings us another installment of his Snoop Dogg series, following up ‘Plizzanet Earth‘ with ‘Howz It Mizzade’ and ruining Snoop’s entire life. It’s basically just putting Snoop in the dark while he attempts to figure out what is being created and processed within the factory, just like you’d see on How It’s Made. This time it is hot dogs, which doesn’t paint a pretty picture for Snoop’s Labor Day bbq.

The entire thing plays up the disgusting portion of the hot dog making process, showing every gooey, moist moment from the huge pile of meat goo to putting it on a bun and adding mustard. For some, the latter is likely more disgusting.

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