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Former wrestling heavyweight champ Hulk Hogan has a book out, chronicling the tumultuous recent years of his life, from his son‘s car crash to his affair to his ugly public divorce. The book, __, also details a specific point where Hogan–gun in hand–was actually contemplating taking his own life.

One night, after downing a cocktail of Xanax and rum, he had his finger on the trigger of a loaded gun when Ali, who was his co-star then on “American Gladiators,” called. He recalls that she commented on how distracted he had seemed at work.

Hogan says that phone call saved his life. But on Wednesday, Ali told “Access Hollywood” that this was the first time she was hearing Hogan’s story. –KC Star.

I’m relieved; I’m not ready to live in a world without Hulk Hogan. I’ve said before that pro wrestling is really is groundbreaking as sports entertainment. First it was the “me” attitude, then it was the steroids. I can’t wait until the Summer Olympics has its first “Bra and Panties” match. It’s coming; just you wait.

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