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UPDATE: More pics of Kazemi here.

Here are a few more odds and ends regarding the Steve McNair-Sahel Kazemi in the wake of the murder-suicide ruling by Nashville police. This might be review for some of you, but it should bring everyone else up to speed:

  • Deuce of Davenport found video of Kazemi’s DUI arrest on July 2; Fanhouse has audio of the 911 call. It’s about what you’d expect. The DUI vid is grainy as hell and the 911 call will haunt your dreams, though I did appreciate the colloquial greeting, “What’s up, man? It’s 911.”
  • The Titans allowed grieving McNair fans to visit LP field, opening up the stadium where McNair played the bulk of his 13 seasons in the NFL. About 4,000 fans visited to pay tribute, some reportedly driving from 10 hours away to sign albums and watch video tributes of the former Alcorn State star.
  • Kazemi reportedly bought the gun from a private individual outside of a Dave & Busters, which is significant, as such a sale would be harder to prosecute than, say, a sale from an established gun dealer. Kazemi reportedly bought the gun WZTV reports that Kazemi, who was only 20, would not have been old enough to buy a handgun from such a dealer. Kazemi’s gun purchase might have been the biggest component in the murder-suicide ruling, especially in the absence of any clear motive.
  • McNair had been working with the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities to produce an anti-suicide PSA for TV, according to FanIQ. The ad was still in the editing phase when Kazemi killed McNair and then herself. A spokesperson for the agency said that the ad will not be brought to air, which is probably good, since it seems that McNair did not possess much influence in that specific area to begin with.
  • McNair was a warrior. Of course he was.
  • Oh, and A Pakistan News has pictures of Kazemi with all of the watermarks smeared out.

In conclusion, cheating on your wife is bad. Not just “Oh, I wanted to wear that blue shirt to work but it’s dirty” bad. Like…really, really bad. But if you really have to cheat on your wife, um, I guess if it’s like an emergency or something, don’t sleep on the couch. It’s bad for back, anyway. Especially when someone puts a couple of bullets in it.

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