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12.23.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

It’s a Christmas special straight from the Slaughterhouse. Look at all those slaughtered animals! They’re whipping up a carafe full of Jack Daniel’s Bacon Grease Egg Nog and that’s just the beginning. Thanks, UU.

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    If you missed the first episode of HBO’s hockey miniseries, “24/7,” you’re now two episodes behind. Fortunately, you can get yourself halfway caught up with this: online video of the first ep. It’s full, it’s free.

    THIS is a gingerbread house: It’s a candied-up re-enactment of Sandy Kofaux’s 1965 perfect game.
    Slanch Report.

    Our very own Burnsy dropped a post on Funny Or Die today. It’s definitely “Funny.”
    Funny Or Die.

    These video games actually exist, and they are awesome. I need to get my hands on a copy of “Mister Mosquito.”
    G4 TV.

    Here’s my interview with NFL great Herschel Walker in case you missed it.
    Transcripted Excerpt, Full Audio.

    Bizarre Christmas traditions from around the globe. Nothing’s more bizarre than going back to visit the family you’ve spent the last year ignoring…

    I love the smell of shattered backboards in the morning; this one comes from a high school player.
    The Hoop Doctors.

    These were the most viral posts of 2010. THEY ARE VIRAL! Enjoy them, and then wash your hands thoroughly before returning to work.

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