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Tom Benson is the Saints’ owner who remains popular with fans for trying to use Hurricane Katrina to move the team to another city.  And apparently, the players are just as fond of him as the fans are.  From PFT:

Benson owns various car dealerships.  We’re told that, each year, he brings a mini-fleet of new cars to the team facility in the hopes of getting some of his employees to make a purchase. As we hear it, the players don’t really appreciate the sales pitch, due in part to the perception that they aren’t offered much of a deal.

This year, some of them made it known. On Saturday, when players arrived at the facility to continue preparations for Monday night’s home game against the Packers, more than one of the cars was coated in a certain byproduct of the human digestive system.

Dammit Florio, I’m a blogger, not a doctor.  Why do you have to be all coy?  “A certain byproduct of the human digestive system.”  Is it shit?  If it’s shit say shit.  If you can’t say shit say feces.  Or poop (hee hee, poop!).  Don’t make me guess.  The only reason I know it’s not pee is that pee is a “certain byproduct of the human renal system.”  No thanks to you.

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