01.21.10 8 years ago

Vince Young, who spent half of his team’s season on the bench, will be playing in the Pro Bowl in Miami. You’d suspect with an announcement like that that the AFC just ran out of quarterbacks. And you’d be right.

Young was a Pro Bowl alternate. He replaces injured Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, joining the squad after Cincinnati’s Carson Palmer and Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger opted not to play because of injuries. Earlier on Wednesday, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub replaced New England’s Tom Brady, also injured.

NFL Most Valuable Player Peyton Manning was voted in as the AFC starter, although he won’t play if the Colts advance to the Super Bowl, which this year is a week after the Pro Bowl. –The Tennessean.

I love how playing in the Pro Bowl has become the NFL’s Friday night swing shift at Denny’s. But as much as it sucks for being another game on the schedule, I’d argue that it’s worse for quarterbacks since the offensive lines are so mish-mashed and inconsistent. It’s a game that nobody really needs, sort of like an appendix or a third nipple. Well, I guess it’s a fifth nipple, now that Vince is going…

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