02.10.08 10 years ago

Yay, a golf story! Former caddy Shiv Chowrasia won the Indian Masters at the Delhi Golf Club today:

"This is the biggest achievement of my life, it's beyond my expectations," said Chowrasia, the son of a greenskeeper at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club. "I can't describe my emotions as it hasn't quite sunk in yet," he said. "Playing the last few holes, I realized the title was within my grasp."

Yes, congratulations sir. One would think that the harsh realities of the caste system wouldn't allow a caddy and son of greenskeeper to rise this far, but I guess anything is possible if they'll let a shanty Irishman assistant edit a sports blog. Anyway, this guy is kinda like Gunga Din because he was like a beast of burden that ended up teaching everyone about human perseverance. Yeah, well I fucking hate Gunga Din. I wish I could afford cable TV. Chowrasia can, and he could even afford to buy his countrymen some cocks. -KD

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