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Washington Man High On LSD Breaks Into A Home Claiming to Be Jack Bauer From ’24′

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A Washington man who took a bunch of LSD broke into a home claiming to be Jack Bauer from '24.' (Hint: He wasn't)

24: live another day

Fox’s ’24′ Miniseries, ‘Live Another Day,’ Has A Premiere Date And Another Famous Co-Star

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Fox has set a spring premiere date for "24: Live Another Day,' and brought in Yvonne Strahovski to play a new CIA Agent.


The Most Unexpected, WTF! Did-Not-See-That-Coming Deaths In Modern Television Drama History

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A look back at the most shocking deaths in television drama over the last 15 years.


Mary Lynn Rajskub Will Return As Chloe In The New ’24′ Series

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Fox announced today that Mary Lynn Rajskub will return as Chloe in the new "24" series, "24: Live Another Day."


Jack Bauer Returns. For Cupcakes.


Kiefer Sutherland essentially reprises his role as Jack Bauer in this ad for Acer's Aspire S5 Ultrabook.


The Nine Worst Single-Season Villains

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"Dexter" has been on Showtime for six seasons now.


Breaking News: Zachary Quinto Is Gay

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Believe me, I was just as surprised as you to learn that Zachary Quinto of "Heroes" and "24" (and of course Spock from the Star Trek reboot) <a href="" target="_blank">came out of the closet</a>.


Brian Grazer Producing ’24′ Movie

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Last month, Kiefer Sutherland confirmed that the "24" movie will be released in theaters in 2012.


Expository Subtitles: The Future of TV

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Recently, DirecTV began airing episodes of "Damages" with subtitles that help explain background information viewers might not know if they missed previous episodes of the complex legal drama.

Kiefer Sutherland

24 Movie moves forward in real time

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Kiefer Sutherland was spotted enthusiastically discussing (or, "canoodling") the tentatively-planned "24" movie with award-winning director and producer Ron Howard at a Times Square restaurant this week.


Leave Them Wanting More: How TV’s Greatest Shows Should Have Ended

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In 1983, more than 121 million viewers tuned in to watch the series finale of M*A*S*H, marking the largest American television audience in the history of the medium.


Massive ’24′ Spoiler, Maybe

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Today, <a href="">Greg Ausiello dropped</a> the last spoken line of the last episode of the last season of 24, which airs May 24.


Jack Bauer Kidnapped the President

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I tuned out of "24" earlier this season (because it sucked), and it's my loss because the show is getting a full head of steam as it nears the series finale.


Jack Bauer Learns That Copious Alcohol Consumption Is The Mole

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This picture isn't actually from last night, but as far as photo documentation of Drunk Jack Bauer goes, nothing can really approach it.



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This was news yesterday, but I didn't get around to it because I was busy with more important television news, like <a href="" target="_self">dogs in raincoats</a> and <a href="" target="_self">Burrito the golfing chihuahua</a>.



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Fox's hit show "24" is presently in its eighth season, still chugging along nicely (minus the Katee Sackhoff story line) with the real-time conceit that  it uses to jack up the intensity in the fictitious saga of Jack Bauer's battle against terrorism.

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