CTU Has A Brand New Badass In The Trailer For Fox’s ’24: Legacy’

Jack Bauer is gone, but never forgotten. Kiefer Sutherland has traded in his particular set of skills for the Oval Office on the upcoming ABC series Designated Survivor, in which he becomes the President of the United States after just about everyone else in the gub’ment is blown to pieces. Yes, we’d all probably prefer to see Sutherland become the POTUS as Jack Bauer, but we’re simply not that lucky. Instead, as part of Fox’s efforts to give every new series a very recognizable name, CTU is back online in 24: Legacy with Corey Hawkins taking over for Sutherland as Fox’s new biggest badass.

Hawkins plays Eric Carter, an Army Ranger who, along with his team, pulled off a supposedly successful attack on the world’s biggest terrorist. How successful was it? Enough to get the former head of CTU, Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto), into the White House. Except it wasn’t really successful, because the terrorist followed Carter’s team home and his people are executing Rangers one-by-one. As we see in the first trailer for 24: Legacy, Carter and his wife escape their would-be killers and hit the road, but the Ranger will need Ingram’s help to make sure that he can live a happy life without guys with assault rifles breaking into his home all the time. That can get annoying.

24: Legacy will debut after Super Bowl LI on February 5, 2017.