OfficeMax Is Your Early Leader For The Most Insanely Terrible Mailing Mistake Of 2014

By | 17 Comments

A Chicago couple still mourning the loss of their daughter received a very poor reminder of her passing on a mailer from OfficeMax.


Don Draper Is Selling Lucky Strikes, And Not Just On ‘Mad Men’

By | 8 Comments

Don Draper wants you to smoke and drink, and no one is complaining.


10 Fake Commercials From Movies You Probably Forgot Were Advertising Gold

By | 25 Comments

There's a good chance all of these are better than anything you'll see in 2014.


Facebook Will Help Companies Eavesdrop On The Conversations You Have With Friends On Facebook

By | 7 Comments

Facebook First Rule: Privacy is key. Facebook's Second Rule: By "privacy", we mean money. Want this dude's medical records?


This Trident-Funded Social Experiment Totally Proves Gum Chewers Are Better Than Everyone Else, You Guys


You should totally pop in a few sticks before your next job interview or blind date.

#Viral Videos

Watch The Banned Protein Shake Ad That Has Too Much Masturbation Innuendo For Television

By | 7 Comments

You'll be shocked to discover banning a commercial with lots of masturbation innuendo is the best advertising.


People Are Buying The Dodge Durango Like Crazy Now, Thanks To… Ron Burgundy?


Dodge Durango sales are up and all signs point to Anchorman's Ron Burgundy as the reason that people love this SUV again.

#The Walking Dead

Which TV Shows Command The Highest Ad Prices, And How Much Does AMC Make On ‘The Walking Dead’?

By | 13 Comments

Extrapolating out ad prices, and subtracting episode budgets, we estimate how much AMC earns per episode of 'The Walking Dead.'


QoTD: If You Were Offered An On-The-Spot Vacation, Would You Go?

By | 19 Comments

Despite being a preferred alcoholic beverage of fine gentleman across the globe - myself included, Heineken shows their branding is on point too, with their "Departure Roulette" campaign, which poses the question above.


New Chipotle “Scarecrow” Ad Does The Impossible, Gives Us New Reason To Go To Chipotle

By | 17 Comments

If you think about it, the quality of fast food commercials is usually pretty comparable to the quality of fast food being offered.

who are the ad wizards...

And The Award For Most Tacky 9/11-Themed Advertising Goes To…AT&T!

By | 16 Comments

Well you just knew that some bone-headed corporation would run a dumb ad to upset people on 9/11. Enter AT&T.


Amazon Enables 1-Click Within All Your Android Apps

By | 2 Comments

Want to sell literally anything within your app? Meet the Amazon Mobile Associates API.


Budweiser Is Calling Shenanigans On Coors’ ‘World’s Most Refreshing Can’ Claim

By | 10 Comments

Budweiser filed a complaint that Coors' claim to have the "world's most refreshing can" is inaccurate, while Coors claims it's advertising "puffery."


Facebook Wants $2.5 Million For A 15-Second Video Ad

By | 11 Comments

Facebook is planning to make $2.5 million a pop making you wait to talk to your friends.


Game of Brands: What If The 'Game of Thrones' Houses Were Modern Companies?

By | 10 Comments

Game Of Brands is a set of fake ad campaigns for the 'Game Of Thrones' families participating in modern-day capitalism. Things haven't changed much.

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