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A TSA Screener Reveals Everything You Suspect About Them Is True

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The TSA is not good at its job. But one screener reveals just how far that goes.


The TSA’s Year In Review Is A Compelling Argument That Americans Are Stupid

By | 13 Comments

The TSA Year In Review is basically doubling as a demonstration of Americans failing the most basic test of intelligence.


4 Bored Guys At The Airport


Sometimes guys get bored at the airport.


Airport Worker In China Gives No F*cks, Loads Luggage By Throwing It Onto Plane

By | 4 Comments

This airport worker does NOT care about his job. Or anything, really.


Chinese Airport Worker is Terrible at His Job


It's nearly impossible to be worse at anything than this Chinese freight handler is at his job.


This San Diego Airport Time Lapse Video Is Pretty Great

By | 2 Comments

This video from the San Diego airport is only :25 seconds long, but as a sucker for just about any time lapse video, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

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Two Guys Do What We’d Think About Doing If We Were Stuck In An Airport Overnight


Have you ever been stuck in an airport overnight and perhaps given thought to seeing what sorts of mischief you could get into.

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