How To Have An Ideal Airport Experience, From Check-In To Bag Claim


When you fly, there are dos and don’ts to sharing very limited space with a bunch of strangers. Sky etiquette. Sketiquette, if you will. But even when you’re respectful of the rules of the air, travel by plane can be plain uncomfortable. So we put together our best tips and tricks for making your airport experience — from check-in to baggage claim — as easy and stress-free as possible.

Here are our best travel secrets and hacks:

You Have To Have Known Someone For At Least Three Years To Ask For A Ride To The Airport.

Via JEShoots via Unsplash

There is a stark difference between a drinking buddy and an airport buddy. The guy on your trivia team who makes you laugh? Skip him. Instead, ask the friends you spend daylight hours with—you know, the friends who you don’t necessarily have to have a drink or an activity lined up with in order to hang out. One exception: someone you’re dating exclusively. I’ve had boyfriends driving me to the airport at month four of exclusive dating. After all, what else are relationships for if not to avoid shelling out for an Uber?

Anyways, your mode of transportation sets the tone for the rest of your trip, so don’t start it off on an awkward note.

Check In Early.

For real. Lines happen. You will save so much grief (and panic about making your flight) if you can skip the long lines to print your tickets and just go straight to baggage drop-off. And thanks to technology, plenty of airlines have apps that make checking in as simple as hitting a few buttons on your phone.

So you can check in while being driven to the airport. Multitasking!