The Best Of Jerry Seinfeld’s Reddit AMA

By | 60 Comments

You guys. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are working on a top secret project together.


Important MMA News: Tito Ortiz Banged For 90 Minutes In The Back Of A Cab

By | 7 Comments

According to a recent taxi driver AMA on Reddit, Tito Ortiz had a 90-minute sex session in the back of a cab. Spoiler alert: the trip cost him $300.


The Best Of Keanu Reeves’ Reddit AMA

By | 20 Comments

Keanu Reeves stopped by Reddit to candidly answer questions. We used this as an opportunity to post Keanu memes and GIFs because internet.


The Best (And Mostly Depressing) Of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Son’s AMA On Reddit

By | 4 Comments

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been a busy man as of late, from penning his stinging critiques of HBO’s hit series Girls to teaching the WNBA newest star, Brittney Griner, how to perfect the skyhook shot.


The Best Of Jose Bautista’s Reddit AMA

By | 2 Comments

On paper (or perhaps pehper) the Toronto Blue Jays should be the team to beat in the American League East this season.


The Best Of Commander Chris Hadfield’s Reddit AMA… IN SPAAAACE!


Commander Chris Hadfield is currently aboard the International Space Station, orbiting Earth 16 times a day. He gave a Reddit AMA Sunday, summarized here.


The 20 Best Answers From PSY’s Reddit AMA

By | 9 Comments

PSY of "Gangnam Style" fame answered questions in a Reddit AMA, and we've collected our 20 favorite answers, plus GIFS, pictures, and videos.


30 Important Things We Learned From Nick Offerman’s Reddit AMA

By | 25 Comments

Nick Offerman (AKA Ron Swanson on 'Parks and Recreation') gave what is, hands down, the funniest Reddit AMA so far. Here's a highlight reel.


'Community' Fan Creates Video Game Inspired By Dan Harmon's Reddit AMA, Makes 'Community' Writer Cry

By | 3 Comments

A Redditor created a free 8-bit game based on 'Community' creator Dan Harmon's description of the scene Chevy Chase refused to film.


The Best Of Dan Harmon’s Reddit AMA

By | 16 Comments

Dan Harmon, the ousted 'Community' creator, answered questions on Reddit for nine hours. We attempt to summarize, with .gifs where relevant.


Our 12 Favorite Answers From Stan Lee's Reddit AMA (With Videos!)

By | 7 Comments

Comics icon Stan Lee answered questions on Reddit, and we've collected our 12 favorite answers complete with visual aids.


Digg Founder Kevin Rose Really Munsoned His Reddit AMA

By | 5 Comments

Shockingly, Digg founder Kevin Rose does not seem to understand how an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit works, proceeds to Munson it.


Bad Luck Brian Is Actually Surprisingly Lucky Kyle, Gives Reddit AMA

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Normally, when we highlight Living embodiment of all our worst yearbook photos Bad Luck Brian signed on to Reddit to answer questions, only some of them related to his girlfriend.


David Wain Is Good At Drawing And At Reddit AMAs


David Wain is the one who isn't Ken Marino, Paul Rudd, Justin Theroux, or Judd Apatow.


Woody Harrelson Really Munsoned His Reddit AMA

By | 18 Comments

When done right, an AMA (ask me anything) at Reddit is a great way to connect with fans without the interference of commercial breaks and publicists.

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