Andy Kaufman

A New Book Claims Andy Kaufman Will Reveal His Greatest Prank Yet ‘Very Soon’

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If you believe they put a man on the moon, then you probably think Andy Kaufman is still alive and will reveal his prank soon.


Matt Bonner Entertained Spurs Fans With This Awesome Andy Kaufman Routine

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At the team's annual charity event, Spurs big man Matt Bonner performed Andy Kaufman's classic Mighty Mouse routine for fans.


Andy Kaufman Is Still Alive, Claim His Brother And ‘Daughter’


People love the idea that Andy Kaufman, perhaps the world’s greatest prankster, faked his own death. Here's some fuel for that fire.


The woman claiming to be Andy Kaufman’s daughter is actually a New York actress

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Andy Kaufman is still alive, at least according to his brother Michael Kaufman, who appeared onstage with a woman who said she was Andy Kaufman's daughter, born five years after Kaufman's reported death.


People Believe That Andy Kaufman Is Alive And Well In Albuquerque

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With a new Andy Kaufman comedy album due out in July, the comic's fans still believe that he faked his death in 1984 and currently lives in New Mexico.

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