Shocker! The Pelicans Are Going to Offer Anthony Davis a Max Extension

In a development that was as unsurprising as Hillary Clinton announcing she was running for President, the New Orleans Pelicans (why can’t they just be the New Orleans Jazz.

Steph Curry

The NBA Says Steph Curry Was Fouled On That Three-Pointer That Sent The Game To Overtime


The NBA admits officials missed several calls in Game 3 of the Warriors-Pelicans series, including a foul on Curry on his game-tying three.

Draymond Green

Flop Or Foul: Did Ryan Anderson Really Elbow Draymond Green In The Face?


Was Draymond Green's flop last night really a flop, or did Ryan Anderson actually foul him?


This Pelicans Fan Put A Disturbing Tribute To Anthony Davis On His Chest

There has to be better ways of showing your love for Anthony Davis than this...

NBA Highlights

Anthony Davis’ Playoff-Earning Trey Highlights The Season’s Top-10 Buzzer-Beaters

The league's list of top-10 buzzer-beaters serves as a reminder of just how far we've come since the 2014-2015 campaign kicked off almost six months ago.


Reggie Miller Does Not Know How Puns Work


In the 4th quarter of Monday night's game between the Pelicans and Warriors, TNT analyst Reggie Miller had an interesting thought about Anthony Davis.

2015 NBA MVP

Dime Roundtable: Is The NBA MVP Still Even Up For Debate?


Stephen Curry is the In 'N Out Neapolitan milkshake of MVP candidates.

#Stephen Curry

Just Flexin': Steph Curry Finishes Wild And-1 Layup Around Anthony Davis

What was the more likely outcome here: A massive Anthony Davis block or incredible Steph Curry finish?


Here’s Yet Another Reason To Freak Out About The Amazing Anthony Davis


We all know Anthony Davis is great. But did you know he's been making history the entire time he's been in the league?

2015 NBA Playoffs

What Are The Best One-On-One Matchups In Each NBA Playoff Series?

CP3 trying to prevent TP's baguette baskets, Brow with Dray following him everywhere, a 3&D battle and so much more.


Nets Clinch Playoff Berth After Pacers Lose To Grizzlies

The NBA Playoffs landscape is a little clearer now. After the Pacers lost to the Grizzlies, the Nets secured the eighth spot in the East.


Anthony Davis Leads New Orleans To The Playoffs With A Win Over San Antonio

A stacked Western Conference. A pair of shoulder injuries. A consistently depleted roster. Youth. Inexperience. And the defending champion San Antonio Spurs. None of it could stop Anthony Davis from leading the New Orleans Pelicans to the playoffs.


Anthony Davis Jumps The Passing Lane And Finishes With A Soaring Tomahawk Jam

Barring an unlikely Oklahoma City Thunder loss, the New Orleans Pelicans need a win against the defending champion San Antonio Spurs tonight to clinch a playoff berth. And if Anthony Davis keeps making plays like this, it's safe to say his team will get it.


Is This Anthony Davis Doll The Most Terrifying MVP Swag Ever?

The Houston Rockets promoted James Harden for MVP with a hardcover video book extolling The Beard's statistical prowess. The Charlotte Hornets founded "MKG Security" to help strengthen the case of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist for Defensive Player of the Year and All-Defense honors. The Toronto Raptors reminded voters of Lou Williams' Sixth Man of the Year viability with a massive button that plays Drake's "6 Man" when pushed.


Anthony Davis Took Offense When A Warrior Called The Pelicans A ‘Scrimmage Game’


Anthony Davis claimed a Warriors' player called their game against the Pelicans, a "scrimmage." He responded to the slight with 29 and 10.


Anthony Davis Gives Huge Fist Pump Following Crunch-Time And-1 In Pelicans’ Crucial Win

This Anthony Davis and-1 didn't win the game for the New Orleans Pelicans. But if Monty Williams' team makes good on its current half game lead for eighth in the Western Conference and earns a playoff birth, this is the moment Pelicans fans will remember for years to come.


Anthony Davis Soars For Huge Alley-Oop Slam Over Draymond Green

Full disclosure: This massive Anthony Davis alley-oop came when Draymond Green was playing nominal center for the Golden State Warriors. But could Andrew Bogut or Festus Ezeli really have soared high enough to contest The Brow at the rim? No way.

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